Month: October 2015

Rationality Cardinality: The Web-Based Version

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Posted by on October 3, 2015

Rationality Cardinality is a card game I wrote which takes memes and concepts from the rationality/Less Wrong sphere, and mixes them with jokes to make a game. The ultimate goal is to get the game to a broad audience, so that it exposes them to the ideas and concepts they’d be better off knowing. After nearly two years of card-creation, playtesting and development, today, I’m taking the “beta” label off the web-based version of Rationality Cardinality. Go to the website and, if at least two other people visit at the same time, you can play against them.

What this means is, I’m trying to drive traffic to the site and get people to play. People who make an account will get an email about it when there are print copies for sale; I’m trying to get enough interest to be confident that, when I launch a Kickstarter to sell print copies, it will reach its goal. You can help with this by inviting your friends to play, by sharing the link, and by upvoting and giving feedback on link sharing sites.