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Posted by on December 14, 2011

Welcome to my blog! Maybe you backtracked to here from an article I’m going write in the future, maybe you looked me up, or maybe someone linked you straight to this post. You’re probably wondering: why is this blog worth reading? Actually, what you were probably wondering was whether this blog was worth reading, but you’ll forgive me for lopsiding my answer a little and answering the “why” version.

This blog is about navigating concept space, the figurative space in which abstract knowledge lives. In other words, it’s meta-thought – thinking about thinking. In concept space, concepts are neighbors if learning things about one is likely to yield insights about the other. I’ll map out the major landmarks – that is, concepts which most frequently turn up as neighbors to other fields. I’ll write about hunting down confusions – that is, upon noticing something that doesn’t make sense in one place, tracking it back to a mistake or missing piece of knowledge.

This blog is also about tools for increasing intelligence. One of those tools is Textcelerator, a browser plugin for speed reading. Explicitly practicing speed reading yields surprisingly large improvements, and if you’re like me, improvements in reading speed translate into either lots of time saved or lots of extra knowledge absorbed. (Because, who’re we kidding, an hour’s worth of idle blogreading condensed into half an hour, will expand to fill the original hour by the addition of extra blogs).

And finally, I will use this blog to post about any topic where I think I have something important to say. That’s right, I’m not even pretending to stay strictly on topic. After all, the topic of a post only matters insofar as it predicts whether it’ll be worth reading, and sometimes, important things fail to fit neatly into topic boundaries.